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Didòmhnaich, 29/Apr/2012

Islay Blogging Roundup #209

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

It's been a while since the last one of these having been away for over a week for the 10th Islay Walking Week. Time to get back into the rhythm. Here's what the blogs have been writing about Islay, Jura and Colonsay over the last three weeks or so:

With the holiday season getting into gear a few visitor reports: Simon writes about the Joys of Jura/Islay while Krytella writes Islay, which I learned is pronounced “eye-luh”. Al has a whole blog dedicated to his Islay Experience in April. From Germany on Manara's blog we find a number of entries about an Islay visit including Tag eins und zwei auf Islay, 1 Leutchturm + 50.000 Matschlöcher = ein geiler Tag!, Die Lagavulin Warehouse Tour und was dann geschah and Die Lagavulin Warehouse Tour und was dann geschah.

The lazy cyclist says Islay - the politest place I've ever been, and possibly the most beautiful. VT Mike of The Whisk(e)y Room unsurprisingly mainly visited the distilleries on Islay during his stay, as described in Scotland, Day 4, Scotland, Day 5 and Scotland, Day 6. It seems to have been a short visit when Ian sailed into Port Ellen. Charlotte went home for A week on Islay.

I don't know what the text says as it is in Finnish, but we find quite a few nice pictures in Tislaamosta toiseen, ja kolmanteenkin, Islay – muutakin kuin tislaamoja, Jura ynnä muuta and finally Kohti Edinburghia, all from a visit to Islay and Jura.

Becky writes about her walking the Giur-bheinn Circular, Islay. I remember seeing a report in the Ileach about Islay Launching Saturday 21 April 2012. Ron reports of Hungry Barnacle Geese Threaten Grazing Lands of Islay Farmers, the Annual Beach Clean on Islay and the Islay and Jura Distilleries Tour Times PDF 2012. Justin asks Am I to be paid for this? and an An Aluminium-rich diet. Posie in the meantime says Spring has sprung, a leak in the whisky barrel.... and 'What's new Pussy Cat...'

The school blogs are back in action after the break: The Big Room at Keills reports from the National Science and Engineering Week. 12th – 16th March 2012, Sports Relief 2012 and Spring flowers at Keills. Oh, and there were Gobblers seen at Keills Primary School!, followed by More Gobblers!. From Port Ellen Primary the Our Learning Blog has Maisie's Review on the Selfish Giant and Torin's Visit To Saltcoats. They also created a video of their Frozen Adventure (link to video at the bottom) and we find an Update on what P1/2 have been doing.

On to the whisky, on the Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society Blog we find Islay distilleries explained thru Rock and Roll comparisons – Part 1 – Bruichladdich & my review of Octomore Orpheus 2.2 and Islay distilleries explained thru Rock and Roll comparisons – Part 2 – Ardbeg & my review of Lord of the Isles. Beers I've Known doesn't only write about beer, we also find Bruichladdich, Bruichladdich- the tasting!, Farmhouse Whisky and Jura on it. But of course also the beer posts, including Islay Ales and A Spiritual Home. A fairly heated discussion in Bowmore ‘Magic Happens’ Whisky Event. Rachel has launched her new Whisky for Girls website with a report from the Women @ the whiskylounge London Whisky Fest. The Bruichladdich blog says Stand Still Laddie! and in the news section we can read about Top Marques in Monte Carlo and Say hello to Big Daddy.

The birdwatching and wildlife: To start with a slightly different but exceedingly well written take on the new bird hide by Kate with The Simon Cowell of the avian world. Izzy on Colonsay writes Into the realm of the golden eagle. The Islay Birds blog has pictures of Bar Tailed Godwits, a colourful Shoveler in flight and a Grey Wagtail. It also mentions the opening of the hide and some sightings from Colonsay, not to forget a picture of some Eiders. The Islay Natural History Trust blog has information about a Ringed Plover from Iceland and an Early Purple Orchid. There are also Snail Shells - Ardnave and a beautiful Rainbow from Bowmore. Not to forget A little bit of Bruichladdich in Ghana and a Merlin - Ardnave. John Armitage invites us to Meet the neighbours! and had a day that was Satisfying and varied!

To finish the pictures: After a Competition Win Perly spent 3 Days on Islay taking pictures. Rachel has Pilgrims The Scottish Islands Explorer gives this blog a mention in Images of Islay. Done! (for now) has a slideshow from an Islay visit. Mark Unsworth has some Early Sea Pinks at Smaull, Reeds at Finlaggan and Loch Gruinart Flats on his photography gallery while on his blog he's providing Islay Studios news snippets… and his latest Image of the week is of low tide at Loch Indaal. James Deane writes about A Brief Encounter with the ISS. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I think the choice is easy: Star Trails over Kilchoman and Star Trails over Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay.

That's it. Of course I can't leave you without the usual reference to the Scottish Roundup, this week with Donald Where’s Yer Turbines? Good night!

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