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Dimàirt, 08/May/2012

Flight Along the West Coast of Jura

Jura Excursions written in stencil

Time for a visit to Islay's neighbour Jura today for some quite amazing views, I think. Views of a part of Jura not many of us get to see directly, certainly not from this perspective. It's a flight with what I believe to be a microlight along the west coast of Jura:

YouTube: west coast of jura

As far as I can tell the film starts probably somewhere in the Glendebadel Bay or Glengarrisdale Bay area (if anyone can identify it better, can you leave a note in the comments?) and then continues north east along the shore. There seems to be a huge cave at the 2:10 min mark, which I'm guessing is at Bàgh Uamh Mhòr or at least close by. Then at around 2:45 there seems to be a boat cruising north, passing between what I think is Eilean Beag and Jura, just before the Gulf of Corryvreckan. From just before the 3:00 min mark I believe we're above the Gulf of Corryvreckan, Scarba on the left, Jura on the right. When the camera briefly pans to the left at 3:01, could that be the Corryvreckan whirlpool? Finally I think there might a red/orange boat anchored at Bàgh Gleann a'Mhaoil on Scarba around 3:40 min?

I hope you've enjoyed the video as much as me, if you've spotted something I've missed or think I've got it wrong can you let me know? All I did was trying to identify some of the places by looking at an OS map while watching the video.

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