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Disathairne, 12/May/2012

Great Corncrake Video (not on Islay though)

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Earlier today I had a brief conversation with Colin from Mull and RSPB Islay & Colonsay about Corncrakes on Islay and Colonsay this year. Yesterday Ian mentioned hearing a Corncrake but failing to see it. As far as I can remember I've only seen a Corncrake once (in June last year) even though I've heard one dozens and dozens of times. So I had a look to see what I can find on the interweb. While it was not filmed on Islay it's a great video of a Corncrake, we even get to see it calling:

YouTube: The corncrake (Crex Crex)

Unfortunately there is no further information on the video, I assume that as the channel is called russian wildlife and the owner Mikhail Rodionov seems to be Russian it was shot somewhere in Russia.

I hope you found the video interesting, may be you get to spot a live Corncrake on Islay one day?

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