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Dimàirt, 29/May/2012

Nice Pictures of Skervuile Lighthouse

Jura Excursions written in stencil

I've got the funny feeling that I've mentioned the photographer before somewhere, but for some reason I can't find where. After all he's also got some pictures of some of Islay's lighthouse. But then again that's not the topic of tonight's entry. Instead we're going a bit further north:

Screenshot of 4 thumbnails of a lighthouse

This is Skervuile Lighthouse to the east of Jura, near Ardfernal. Many will have seen it from either Jura or from the Islay ferry to/from Port Askaig. For a much closer look go to Ian Cowe's pictures tagged with skervuile. My favourite is Skervuile Lighthouse and The Paps of Jura, The Sound of Jura, a quite dramatic view shot from very low. For a much calmer yet also very impressive shot try Skervuile Lighthouse at sunset, The Sound of Jura.

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