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Diardaoin, 28/Jun/2012

Ron Goudie Plays Golf for Islay Gaelic Choirs

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Last Thursday I went to an empty golf course on Islay, at the Machrie to be precise. So why did I go to an empty golf course, you might wonder? Well, that hadn't been what I had planned, it was just that Ron Goudie, golf teacher on Islay, had been much faster than I (and as he told me later he himself) had expected. Much faster with what?

On last Thursday morning, at 04:32 hours on Midsummer, Ron started a challenge to play 100 holes of golf in a day. Of course he didn't do this for fun, but for fundraising. Ron is a member of the senior Còisir Ghàidhlig Ìle (Islay Gaelic Choir) and his challenge was to raise funds for the choir, in particular for the junior choir to travel to the 2012 Royal National Mod at Dunoon. So how did his challenge go?

Picture of a golf course on a grey and dull day

On a rather dreich day (the picture above isn't from Thursday, but I think it looked pretty similar) Ron finished his challenge in a superfast time of around 10 hours, meaning he finished at around 14:30. Which explains why I visited an empty golf course at about 17:00 hrs, when I had expected him to tee off for his final round.

I managed to catch up with him at the excellent The Excise House B&B near Laphroaig the next day. Ron was rather stiff and tired, not surprising after 10 hours of golf, but in good spirits. He doesn't know yet how much he has raised (you can still donate/sponsor him, contact him at, but has had excellent support from the local community as well as local businesses and the distilleries.

For more incl a self portrait on the day also check out Ron Goudie’s fundraising 100 holes of golf on the longest day on For Argyll.

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