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Disathairne, 30/Jun/2012

Bruichladdich Fireworks on Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

Oooops, running rather late today. Got sidetracked doing all kinds of things, including taking and editing pictures of Flax/Linseed Fields near Aldermaston Wharf. I was thinking I might get to see some fireworks tonight from nearby Aldermaston, but either I missed it or there wasn't one. Luckily I found an old video of fireworks on Islay:

YouTube: fireworks

The quality isn't the greatest, but then again this was over 10 years ago, at the reopening in 2001. Digital video wasn't as advanced back then as it is today. Quite a few old videos were uploaded to the laddietv Youtube channel over the last few weeks, you might want to take a look yourself.

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