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Didòmhnaich, 08/Jul/2012

Islay Blogging Roundup #216

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Sunday evening already and I've only got half done of what I'd hoped to do. Oh well, another time then. It's been Blue sky and rain in Aldermaston Wharf most of the weekend, also had an Unusual Helicopter over Aldermaston Wharf today. But back to Islay, Jura and Colonsay in the blogs this week, starting with an event from the weekend:

Andy has been Working at the South Islay Festival of the Sea this weekend and seems to have enjoyed it a lot. Lorna and Becky had a fabulous time at the Festival of the Sea Ron had been following it quite closely and published the Islay Festival of the Sea Programme on his blog.

A few Islay (and Jura) visits: Lewis visited Iceland and Scotland with his friend Brad, the hop to Glasgow and Islay – land of peat and whiskey cover their time on Islay. MacRendall is on a big tour including a visit to Islay, Dunoon to Islay, out and about on Islay, museums and Laphroaig before finally having to leave Islay. A few Germans celebrated Bergfest (meaning as much as half of a journey celebration) on Islay during their camping tour of Scotland and Ireland. I'm not entirely sure where they are from (if you are, can you let us all know in the comments?), the Dutch or Belgian sailing yacht Blauwe Pinquin visited Islay and Jura recently.

A few wee drams: Jeff drinks the Laphroiag - Cairdeas Origin and on Single Malt Brasil we find Islay, a Ilha do Whisky — Parte Final (a bit older also Islay, a Ilha do Whisky (e o Yellow Submarine) — Parte III and I'm sure I've mentioned part I and II in an earlier roundup). Another one I can't read much (if anything) of is Eläväpullo, where we find Suuri Bruichladdich-maistelu. The Malt Impostor tried The Ardbeg 10 (50 ml airline bottle).

Rachel has been busy with Whisky for Girls and writes about Whisky & Music Pairing and Overt competition to Whisky for Girls ~ Booze for Men! On the Bruichladdich site we learn about Bruichladdich and The Angels' Share and the Friday 13th Black Art Competition.

I think it deserves it own separate entry (which I hope to get to soon), but Gordon has been very busy on his Our visits to the Hebridean Isle of Islay blog recently. The latest entry is Islay Whisky Classics No.30 – Douglas Laing OMC 1972 Ardbeg, which should give you an idea what he is doing at the moment.

The Bad Witch has a Pagan Eye: A Hidden Stone Circle in Scotland, although I doubt this place at Ardnave on Islay is really a stone circle. Glen Pointon was in Fly Fish Islay Sea Trout Heaven. Justin Tyers reports from his journey to back 1984… and the Islay and Jura Timebank provides their July update while Posie has been Pottering Around......

From Colonsay the colonsaycroftess tells us the Computer says no and how to adjust to a Life after dog.

Slightly unexpected (although there is a link), the Islay Energy Trust writes about the Islay Triathlon 2012.

A bit of Islay birdwatching and wildlife? The Islay Birds blog has a picture of a Yellowhammer, news of an Osprey fishing the Lily Loch and an update on the Islay stand at the British Bird Fair. On the Islay Natural History Trust blog we can read about Becky being out at Barnhill, Jura, a Ramble around Ardnave - Monday 2nd July and a Sunny Loch Gruinart.

The pictures: Donald Feist went to Islay for a week, his pictures include Islay Sunset, Port Charlotte in the morning and Kilchoman mono. He also alerted me to a friend's picture titled And...........relax. Following on from last week Mark Unsworth has a Water Lilly on his photography gallery while his Image of the week is a different view of Bruichladdich pier. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I've picked the Approaching Sunset near Kintra, the Big Cliffs near Sanaigmore and On the Beach at Port Ghille Greamhair, Isle of Islay.

All of this has taken me past my bedtime, so it's time to finish right now. I should link to this week's Scottish Roundup, but for some reason this week's roundup isn't up yet. So all that's left is to say Good Night!

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