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Diluain, 23/Jul/2012

A Slow Return To Islay Blogging

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It's been ten days since the last entry here and I know some of you have been missing the daily Islay blogging. While I won't be able to return to daily blogging certainly for the forseeable future I at least hope to be able to publish a few more entries again. For those not in the know what happened:

Almost two weeks ago I developed vision problems in my left eye. When I went to the hospital to get it checked out they discovered I had high blood pressure (something with hindsight I possibly could have noticed and then investigated earlier, but there's a reason they call it ‘the silent killer’…), something I'm addressing now. Not that easy as apart from reducing salt in my diet I was already doing almost all they recommend to reduce high blood pressure. Anyway, the blood pressure has started to come down, it remains to be seen how much medicine I'll need to fully get it to safe levels. The good news is that the ophthamalogist thinks that my eye problem is due to the high blood pressure and provided it is brought under control should recover over a few weeks. This recovery has started as well, but will take time. All this requires me to look at my priorities and in particular make sure my body receives enough rest and relaxation, unfortunately Islay blogging will have to suffer to an extent as my health has to have priority for now.

Anyway, a few quick Islay links as this is what this blog is really all about:

The big news at the moment are of course Remy Cointreau buying Bruichladdich Distillery, I think one of comments I liked best is Rob's Bruichladdich: All Good Things…. Donald Feist has been busy on two fronts, he posted a few great Islay pictures including this beautiful Kilchoman sunset and published his first (e)book Cadence (set on Islay) last week.

And a video from a sailing from Islay to Loch Tarbert on Jura:

YouTube: Dolphins off Loch Tarbert, Jura, Scotland

That's all for now, hopefully more Islay blogging later this week. Good night!

PS: Daily blogging is still happening at the Islay Pictures photoblog, I hope that can give you some enjoyment as well.

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