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Diluain, 01/Oct/2012

With a Harley Davidson on Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

One of the reasons I didn't blog on Saturday was watching a wonderful almost 20 minutes long video which contributed to me running late that evening. Of course there's an Islay link, otherwise I wouldn't be mentioning it here. The video in question is by the French Moto Journal, as the name indicates a motorbike magazine. They took two Harleys to Islay and Jura:

YouTube: Trash Trip en Harley Davidson - vidéo officielle Moto Journal

Considering my rather rusty French I'm very grateful for the English subtitles, but even without them I think I would have enjoyed the video. I think the video nicely tells a story and creates a relaxing atmosphere, while showing some of the best Islay and Jura have to offer. For those interested in motorbikes I believe there was some interesting information about the Harley Davidson's, but I must admit I large ‘ignored’ those parts and focused on the really interesting stuff in my eyes. I hope you've enjoyed the video as much as I have.

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