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Dihaoine, 05/Oct/2012

Friday Islay Picture #255 - Carraig Mhor Light, Port Askaig

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Bit late this week, but couldn't leave you without an entry for a second night, let alone without a Friday Islay picture. Those of you who also follow the Islay Pictures photoblog might have noticed that I've got an Islay lighthouse theme over there this week. My original plan for the next picture was the Port Charlotte/ Loch Indaal Lighthouse, but then I changed my mind and thought I give a smaller lesser known light some attention:

Picture of a small light on the approach to an island port

The light in question is Carraig Mhòr on the approach to Port Askaig, seen here on the left. Many will have seen during their arrival on Islay, but probably not have paid too much attention to it. I'm not sure of its significance in times of GPS (similar to all the other lighthouses), in past times I'm sure it was a quite important light for ships passing the Sound of Islay. For any passenger on the ferry to Port Askaig it will be a sign of imminent arrival.

With that I'm closing for today, have great weekend!

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