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Diciadain, 31/Oct/2012

More from the Search for the Islay Wallaby

Islay Fun in stencil

Earlier this month I wrote The Search for the Islay Wallaby Revisited, back then I didn't have a trailer to embed and wasn't sure of any upcoming screenings in the UK. Luckily Ben Kempas from the Scottish Documentary Institute spotted the entry and in the comments posted a few hints and updates. They included this nice widget, which allows you to watch the trailer and find out about screenings:

Not only did he mention the player, he also pointed out an interview with the producers: The Difference between a Kangaroo and a Wallaby. Not only that, if you're in the Inverness area you can see it at the Inverness Film Festival on Saturday 10/Nov/2012.

Thanks for all the helpful updates, Ben!

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