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Diluain, 03/Dec/2012

September Flooding on Islay

Islay Pictures in stencil

Islay has had a fairly dry November this year with some great sunsets and generally pleasant weather while large parts of the UK had to suffer from heavy rain and flooding. However, this isn't always the case, I've seen some flooded roads on various visits. This morning I came across a few pictures and videos of flooding at the Low Road and in Port Ellen in September:

Screenshot of a picture gallery of flooded roads

You can find the pictures and videos in the Flooded roads on Islay set by wakeuplittlesuzy on Flickr. You can get an impression of how deep (or not deep?) it was in Watching what others do before making our move! and how they made it through in Hurrah! We make it through! From memory certainly the area around the maltings is prone to flooding, while not as bad as this I've seen flooding there myself.

For more Islay pictures from the same visit try ISLAY SEPT 2012.

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