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Diciadain, 26/Dec/2012

New Islay Video, June Evening at Sanaigmore Bay

Islay on Video written in stencil

It got a bit too late to blog about it yesterday, so it's time to catch up on this today: Last night I uploaded my latest Islay video to YouTube. The video takes you back to the summer, to June. It's from an evening walk at Sanaigmore Bay, giving you views of the beach on a calm day.

YouTube: June Evening at Sanaigmore Bay, Isle of Islay

I filmed this with my GoPro Hero 2, using various utilities with it. Some was filmed with a head strap, some on a mini tripod and some using a small glider. I hope you'll enjoy the results and that they will take you back to summer on Islay during these cold, dark and wet winter days.

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