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Didòmhnaich, 20/Jan/2013

Islay Blogging Roundup #237

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

After the break last week while recovering from man flu the Islay blogging roundup is back. While there hasn't been much snow on Islay (only on higher ground) there has been a decent amount in West Berkshire. Getting to the office tomorrow could get interesting. But enough of that, back to the task at hand, the Islay and Jura mentions in the blogs over the last two weeks:

Elaine from Australia writes about her visit to Islay in a number of entries: Day 36: Tarbert to Islay, Day 37: Following ancestral trails on Islay, Day 38: Here & there on Islay, Day 39: A rainy day on Islay and Day 40: Farewell to Islay, hello to Glasgow tell her story. You will need quite a bit of time to read all of Tarun's entry, it's one of the longest I can remember: The trip to Islay (Eye–Lah) – the heart of single malt country.

Can't read much of it, but there are plenty of pictures (the Islay ones are in the bottom half) at Keltainen Villasukka - RoadTrip Osa 2.. He didn't actually get there, but I thought it's still worth a mention: At last, a return to Islay …

Sea Kayak Oban brings us Winter Sea Kayaking on Islay or in search of the Malt Jan 2013 Islay Trip and Winter Sea kayaking on Islay, still North westerlies. Fru W is Drömmen om Islay, to fulfil En liten dröm.. she Här skickas det CV.

A bit of whisky tasting in Islay Blind Fury – The Return, 2012, followed by the TWL Islay Trip November 2012. The SmokyBeast has the SmokyBeast Review: Caol Ila Distiller's Edition. The Islay Whisky Chapter Austria picks up on the offer of an internship at Lagavulin in Azubi bei Lagavulin and mentions that Die Burns Night naht …, both in Austria and on Islay. On we find Sista kapitlet Port Charlotte i PC-serien.

The Islay and Jura Timebank reports back for duty in 2013. The Our Learning Blog of Port Ellen Primary returned from the Christmas holiday with a series about Islay: DISTILLERIES ON ISLAY, ISLAY'S FOOD AND FESTIVALS, Places on Islay, Farming and Fishing on Islay, Gaelic, Sports On Islay, Daily Life on Islay, Dancing on Islay, THE SCREEN MACHINE and Music on Islay were the topics.

Ron announces some Changes on Islay Info Jan 2013 and has an Islay Guide of 1863.

Peter Edwards returns to Jura and writes about Cave Dwellers of Jura’s Wild West Coast (Part 1) and Cave Dwellers of Jura’s Wild West Coast (Part 2). Danielle Jane writes about Jura and the Red Deer with a number of picture of said deer. Hugh of l'Anson writes Nearly there.

Of course there were quite a few bird sightings as well, as the Islay Birds blog reports: The first day without rain brought a White Tailed Sea Eagle, a variety of sightings by Mary as well as sightings by Tom and Jo. Visitor Gareth Stamp also saw a large number of birds and we have James' sightings at Gruinart. You can also read from Tom and Jo on their own blog at Back from Islay again. John Armitage has the Waterfowl counts 12.1.2013. after Yet another settled day! 9.1.2013. and And finally, reasonable weather! 8.1.2013..

The pictures to end with as usual: Mark's Image of the week last week was a view with nice cloud formations while this week's Image of the week is of the snow capped Paps of Jura. Ron has a picture of Kilnave Cross. On the INHT blog we find Loch Indaal from Port Charlotte this morning and Port Charlotte earlier today (well, over a week ago). From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I've picked Ruin near Ardilistry Bay, the Deer at Sunset at Loch Gorm and of course the Startrails over Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay.

And that's all for this week. As usual the link to the Scottish Roundup for the bigger picture, this week with Some light-hearted fripperies for a Sunday morning. Mostly. after last week's Take Eight Blog Posts and See Me in the Morning. More next week…

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