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Dimàirt, 05/Feb/2013

James Deane Islay Photography Back Online

Islay Pictures in stencil

Regular readers of the Islay blogging roundup might have noticed there haven't been a lot of mentions of James Deane's Islay pictures in the picture section at the end. This should now change again. After the The Return of James Deane, Islay Photographer in October 2011 we now have the latest reincarnation of James. A redesigned website and a new blog:

Screenshot of James Deanes Photography website

The address for his main website hasn't changed, you can still find it under James Deane Photography / He has redesigned it though, and the pictures in the Galleries are as good as ever.

What's new though is his new blog after his old blog hoster had a server crash and lost all its users blogs (ooops…). The new blog can be found at James Deane Photography Blog /, where he's committed to weekly updates.

If that's not enough for you, he's also still active on his James Deane Photography Facebook page. Most recently he posted pictures from The Storm of 04 February 2013. Thought some of you might find them interesting…

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