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Disathairne, 09/Feb/2013

The Islay Walking Week 2013 Programme Is Out

Islay Events written in stencil

Originally I had planned to create another Islay panorama this evening and to blog about it. But that will have to wait as something much more important came up this afternoon. Back in September I gave you a Heads up for the Islay Walking Week 2013. Tonight we can move to the next stage:

Picture of a group of walkers walking along a shoreline with small islands offshore

This afternoon Ian called me to tell me that the 2013 programme is ready, soon after he sent me the programme. I've now updated the Walk Islay 2013 page on the Visit Islay Jura site with the programme, check it out for the full details. The walks include visits to some of the higher (and the highest) hills on Islay like Giur-Bheinn and Bheinn Bheigier. But there will also be a few coastal walks and other easier walks. There will also be a different type of walk I'm quite looking forward to:

Anna will be using some Gaelic during her walk to give you a taster of the language, linking into Gàidhlig Bheò, a new stream of events Ionad Chaluim Chille Ìle are holding celebrating Islay’s Gaelic culture and heritage.

Of course there will also be visits to Islay's neighbours Jura and Colonsay again. On Jura the walk will (weather permitting) take 25 walkers up one of the Paps of Jura. On Colonsay the walk will go to Kiloran Bay, may be there will be another lunch with a fantastic view of the bay?

Picture of walkers having a lunch break high above a bay with a sandy beach

I hope to see some of you there, assuming all goes to plan I'll be there as usual. Very much looking forward to it!

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