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Diluain, 18/Feb/2013

Concert in the Conservatory, Port Charlotte Hotel

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Just thought, which category does this fall under, Islay Events or Islay Music? Well, decided to go for Islay music. The Port Charlotte Hotel is well known for music, among others being one of the hosts for the Islay Sessions pub sessions and the regular traditional music sessions. Now there's a new concert series coming up, with the first concert this Friday:

The Port Charlotte Hotel are proud to announce our inaugural "Concert in the Conservatory" series on 22 February at 8.30pm. To kick things off, we are very excitied to have the fabulous Jenn Butterworth & Laura-Beth Salter.

Jenn Butterworth and Laura-Beth Salter hail from two female super-groups (The Anna Massie band and The Shee) & have joined forces to bring you a superb collection of songs and tunes from their individual backgrounds. From energetic, foot-stomping songs and melodies, to gentle, self-penned ballads, these two bring together their dynamic accompaniment styles, soulful harmonies and accomplished tune playing to deliver an array of material from Scotland, America and beyond.

Tickets are only £6, including a glass of wine. Why not come and join us in the relaxed atmosphere of our conservatory with a glass of wine and some very fine music. Tickets are limited so get in touch now!

Tickets will go fast, the best way to book I believe is by phone, 01496 850360 is the number for the Port Charlotte Hotel. You can also find further information on the Port Charlotte Hotel Facebook page. While further concerts haven't been announced yet, the plan is to run a series of concerts. Better watch out for future announcements if you missed out on this concert…

Before I finish the entry, here's a video of Jenn and Laura-Beth performing:

YouTube: Jenn Butterworth & Laura-Beth Salter - 'Come to Jesus'

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