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Disathairne, 23/Mar/2013

Improvised Islay Relaxation Video

Islay on Video written in stencil

Decided to have a lo-fi entry tonight. After yesterday's bad weather several parts of Islay (Port Ellen and north of Uiskentuie I've heard) were without power for over 24 hours, although at least Port Ellen I believe is back now. Port Charlotte had power cuts last night, but I think had power today. Anyway, found an ‘old’ micro SD card from an old mobile phone today, containing various pictures and video clips from 2010. They include various clips from Islay, some I used for this short improvised relaxation video:

YouTube: Islay Relaxation

That is all I have for tonight. Time to get to bed. Hoping to get out tomorrow to try out my new lens, gain some practice with it before my next Islay visit. Also weather (wind) permitting I hope to get in a bit more practice with the quadcopter. So on that note, good night!

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