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Dihaoine, 07/Jun/2013

Friday Islay Picture #286 - Cooling down

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

It looks like the weather this weekend will be nice and sunny, but not too hot. Just right for the Islay Beach Rugby on Saturday. Of course the party starts this evening with many teams having arrived this afternoon and evening.

Picture of two female beach rugby players cooling down standing in the water, a lighthouse in the background

After a tough game of beach rugby (or just because of the warm weather) you might want/need to cool down. Of course beach rugby means there's water right next to it, which led me to pick today's picture.

Unfortunately I don't know which team they were from, but here are two players cooling down in the bay during the 2011 tournament.

As mentioned on Thursday I unfortunately can't visit this year as day job commitments don't allow me to travel to Islay just yet (I will catch up in a week though). So all that's left is to wish everyone attending a great time and those playing good luck and the wins you're hoping for. For the rest it's just have a great weekend!

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