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Diciadain, 17/Jul/2013

The MV Sound of Islay, still in service

Islay on Video written in stencil

Strictly speaking this video isn't an Islay video, after all it was filmed over 2,000 miles away in Canada. It should however bring back some memories at least to some of my older readers, as it shows an old Islay ferry, the MV Sound of Islay, still in service today. Here she is on a crossing to Bell Island, Newfoundland, Canada:

YouTube: Riding The Sound Of Islay To Bell Island

While I've seen a few pictures of her in service on the Islay route I don't think I've seen any film/video footage from back then. Not entirely surprising considering her maiden voyage was a few weeks before I was born (giving my age away now…). Still, makes me wonder if there's some old footage sitting in someones loft or a drawer in a spare room?

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