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Dimàirt, 23/Jul/2013

Jim Frost's Islay pictures

Islay Pictures in stencil

Phew, it seems the recent heatwave in the UK is finally coming to an end. There was a huge thunderstorm on Islay (and many other places in Scotland) earlier today, while West Berkshire where I'm writing this from at least so far missed out. Slightly disappointed. But that's not what I'm going to write about tonight, no, instead I'm going to write about Jim Frost's excellent Islay pictures:

Screenshot of a picture gallery

I first spotted Jim Frost's pictures on Flickr, you might want to check out his Jim Frost Flickr stream as he's got a lot of great pictures in general. For just the Islay ones try the Islay, 2013 set. They include the beautiful Sea Otter : Islay : July 2013 and Sea Otter 2 : Islay : July 2013. I also quite like Carraig Fhada with (I think) the Thalassa coming in.

I then noticed that he also has his own website, Jim Frost. He lives in the north east of Scotland (although something makes me think he is originally from the Isle of Man or at least has close links to it) and spends a lot of time outdoors taking pictures. The Islay ones (many the same as on the Flickr account, but there are a few extra ones) are in the Islay 2013 collection.

I hope you'll enjoy Jim's pictures, I think they are excellent!

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