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Diardaoin, 01/Aug/2013

French Islay whisky video

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Earlier this week I brought you the mostly German videos in By helicopter to an Ardbeg distillery tour on Islay. Horst (who filmed the videos) was so kind to drop by and mention that he was hoping to add English subtitles. Nevertheless, I thought in the interest of balance I'll share another non-English (mostly) video today, a French video to be precise. Same as before, you can also enjoy it without having French:

YouTube: Le monde du Whisky - 1 - Islay

I believe this was recorded during the Islay festival this year. As a bonus for the not French speaking readers/viewers (like me), all the original commentary from the distilleries isn't dubbed but only subtitled in French, so there's still something we can understand. I hope you'll have enjoyed the video either way.

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