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Disathairne, 17/Aug/2013

Islay Pipe Band to play at World Championships

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Looking through my archives I've noticed that I've regrettably neglected the Islay Pipe Band a bit over the last few months. With the biggest event of the year taking place this weekend I think I better catch up a bit. Let me start with a video with their most recent performance at the Islay show a week ago, kindly shared by Irena:

YouTube: Islay Pipe Band Islay Show 2013

While this was ‘just’ a home performance it was just before the big event taking place this weekend, the World Pipe Band Championships on Glasgow Green. If you are in (or near) Glasgow and want to support them on Sunday 18/Aug/2013, their Heat 2 MSR starts at 12:00 noon with the Islay Pipe Band scheduled to play at 13:04. Once they're through the qualifying heats the Grade 3A Medley Final starts at 15:00, depending on how they qualify the Islay Pipe Band would play between 15:48 and 16:28.

For a recent competition performance let's turn to the European Pipe Championships in Forres, where the Islay Pipe Band finished 4th out of 13:

Islay Pipe Band - European Championships 2013

Good luck to the Islay Pipe Band on Sunday!

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