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Diciadain, 21/Aug/2013

Islay link potpourri

Islay Links in stencil

Not entirely sure when I did one of these last. These days most links are shared via Twitter, Facebook and the like. Usually they just disappear there after a few days. So back to some good old blogging and sharing of links (Islay (and Jura) related of course) tonight.

The Island Bear bear

Slightly ironic the first links will actually take you to, yes, you guessed it, Facebook. I don't think there is a website for it (yet), at least I haven't found one, but Bobby Whittam has opened the Island Bear Confectionery store in Bowmore this week.

You can find some pictures of the Island Bear Confectionery shop and Bobby's thoughts after the first day online on his Facebook account. I should think the shop will be rather popular with both residents and visitors alike. Both young and old.

The next one isn't directly an Islay link as such, but it's still an interesting link with an Islay connection. Document Scotland writes about the book Going To The Hill by Glyn Satterly. If you scroll down far enough you'll spot the Islay interest. Following a few links I managed to find the picture in question on Glyn's website: H08 The Beaters Wagon, Islay. Several familiar faces in here. After more digging a few more: Lagavulin, Islay, Islay Whisky Bar, Ardbeg, Islay and Machrie 17th Islay.

Some of you might have already seen the David Cameron interview from his Jura holiday by Islay's Glenn Campbell. The Guardian also has Jura: a brief guide to David Cameron's remote holiday retreat. Not sure how helpful that was for David Cameron though.

I don't know how many Tartan Army members there are on Islay, but Torcuil Crichton (who is from Lewis) has some thoughts about their and other islanders problems: For Tartan Army islands all games are away games.

To close a few old pictures of the Kilchoman Old Parish Church. More pictures of the Islay, Kilchoman, Old Parish Church, Kilchoman Cross And Burial Ground on the RCAHMS page.

That's all for now, I hope you'll find one or two or three of these links interesting. I should try to do this more often. Old style blogging.

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