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Diluain, 26/Aug/2013

New Islay from the air video, Laphroaig distillery

Islay on Video written in stencil

Yesterday evening I mentioned that it had been a busy quadcopter weekend and I had published my second Islay from the air video after Machir Bay from the Air. Thought I give a bit more background today, but first the video itself:

YouTube: Laphroaig Distillery, Islay, with a DJI Phantom Quadcopter

Having only been able to fly on one day during my visit in April I was hoping for more opportunities in June (I need very calm weather to fly the quadcopter). Having arrived on Saturday evening the Sunday was spent at Saligo Bay, where I managed to get some flying in straight away. I hope to edit that video later this year. Monday came and the weather looked even better for flying, so a decision was quickly made, over to Laphroaig to give it a go. I had plans for a few different things, among them flying out over Loch Laphroaig to show a view from there and flying over the Friends of Laphroaig fields.

The flying out over Loch Laphroaig worked quite well, as you can see in the video. Flying out so far was slightly scary, as it became fairly difficult to see at a point. The short sequence inside the stillhouse wasn't filmed with the quadcopter, instead I put the camera on a small tripod and held it as high as I could. Unfortunately I forgot to film the peat fire, which would have been nice to show. What didn't work so well was filming the FoL fields. To start with the flags didn't show well at all on the video, I guess they are just too small for this. In addition the warm weather seemed to generate a lot of ‘turbulence’ over the fields, so the flight was quite unsteady. I decided against using this footage in the final video.

From the Tuesday onwards the weather wasn't right for flying until the Wednesday of the second week, where I managed to get some flying in Port Charlotte done. I had hoped to also film in Port Ellen, unfortunately the remaining days the weather was wrong again.

I'm aiming to edit the Port Charlotte video next, several people saw me flying and filming there, I should think they would like to see the results. Until then I hope you'll enjoy (or have already enjoyed) the views of Laphroaig from the air.

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