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Dihaoine, 06/Sep/2013

Friday Islay Picture #296 - German Shepherd on beach

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Really feels like autumn is approaching with huge steps now, the nights are drawing in and it's getting quite a bit colder. So I thought I post a reminder of the summer, a beach scene from Saligo Bay, as this week's Friday Islay picture:

Picture of a German Shepherd dog on a beach, waves breaking in the background

This was in June this year, a German Shepherd enjoying the sun and water in Saligo Bay. Waves breaking in the background, although it was just enjoying the shallow water on the beach with its mate (not in the picture).

That's all I have for tonight, it's getting late and I think I better get this online. Good night and have a great weekend!

PS: Song of the evening is Queens of The Stone Age - I Sat By The Ocean

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