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Disathairne, 14/Sep/2013

Model of the tides in the Sound of Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

And now for something a little different. Something I must admit I don't fully understand. I think I get the gist of it though. As many of you will be aware the Islay Energy Trust is (among other things) working on a tidal energy project in the Sound of Islay. For that it is of course very important to fully understand the tidal flows in the Sound of Islay. This video shows the flows in a model:

YouTube: Sound of Islay tidal model

For further details you might want to check the description of the video, although I must admit paragraphs like this one left me stumped:

For the technically minded, this was a fully non-hydrostatic 3D computational fluid dynamics simulation, using Large Eddy Simulation to model the turbulence, and a finite element, discontinuous Galerkin projection for velocity. This level of fidelity necessitated running the model on a supercomputer.

The bit I could relate to was this one:

Lastly, if 3 m/s sounds rather fast for a current, you've never taken the ferry to Port Askaig - the sea flows like a river!

Even after all those years I still find it fascinating when the Jura ferry is crossing the Sound sideways during the height of the tidal flow.

PS: Music for this evening comes courtesy of the Tom Robinson Show on BBC 6 Music.

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