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Diluain, 23/Sep/2013

Jamie's Islay holiday

Islay on Video written in stencil

If you saw a young man jumping from wall to wall, doing flips and other similar things on Islay earlier this year you might have watched Jamie De Smet. I'm not entirely sure what this is called exactly, I believe parkour or freerunning is close. At home Jamie does showreels like this showing his skills. On Islay he had to improvise a bit and came up with this:

YouTube: Islay - Jamie De Smet

Jamie says:

Went on holiday to Islay (A little island west of Scotland) for a week, so thought I might as well make a lil' video. Sorry most of it's scenery and flips, there's not really many walls and stuff there. Just a lot of country…

I quite like the result, the combination and contradiction of Jamie in in action and the quiet landscape of Islay. Strangely fascinating. What do you think, do you like it as well?

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