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Diardaoin, 10/Oct/2013

Gone to Islay (geesewatching and more)

Islay Fun in stencil

Well, not technically gone when I'm writing this as I'm still in Aldermaston Wharf just this minute. But not long now and I'll leave for my third Islay visit this year, after last year's November visit a return to October. My plans for this visit don't really differ from previous visits:

With well over 30,000 Barnacle Geese having arrived yesterday (just in time, with the recent warm weather I was a tiny bit nervous they might be late this year) one of the things I'll do will of course be watching them. Hopefully take a lot of pictures and may be some video as well. Of course there will be other birds as well, I'm hoping to also see some Whooper Swans. Not to forget the various other Geese. And other birds.

Having quite enjoyed a walk I went on a few years ago I'm also plannning to join the The Barnacle Invasion walk on Wednesday. To give you an idea of what I hope to see again a video I filmed and edited a few years ago, it includes footage from the first Geese walk I participated in:

Barnacle Geese on Islay 2008

Of course birdwatching won't be the only thing I plan to do. I'm hoping to meet many old and new friends again. There will be the odd wee dram or two. Or three. For that I will visit a few distilleries. My daily morning run will be on the beach in Machir Bay again, which won't be the only time I'll be visiting a beach. Should I get a calm day I'm hoping to get some flying with the quadcopter done. Should I get a clear evening/night I'll try some startrail photography.

As usual it will be quiet here as well as on the Islay Pictures photoblog while I'm away. Signal and time permitting I will try to post updates to the IslayBlog on Tumblr account again. There will also be updates on the @islayblog Twitter account. Signing off from here now.

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