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Diciadain, 23/Oct/2013

Islay distilleries coastal path under construction

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Back in May Ron wrote about the South Islay Distilleries Path, earlier this month the Ileach titled ‘Islay's latest whisky trail breaks new ground’ with a picture of one of Gordon Currie's diggers in action. In other words, the footpath connecting Port Ellen with the three southern distilleries is finally under way. I first heard of the plans many years ago, but obtaining the funding turned out to be a longer process than many had hoped. With funding finally secured work is now well and truly under way:

Picture of a roller on an under construction footpath

On Saturday, after my obligatory visit to Laphroaig for some last shopping before having to leave Islay, I quickly stopped to take a look at the progress and take a few pictures. Certainly the section between Port Ellen and Laphroaig is already starting to take shape, I didn't have enough time to look how it looks past Laphroaig. Here's a view of the path coming up from Port Ellen:

Picture of a footpath next to a drystone wall

I firmly believe the path will be a huge asset to Islay and in particular Port Ellen. Everyone involved in securing the funding and making this a reality deserves both a huge congratulation and thank you. I'm confident that once the path is fully operational and opened it will be very popular with visitors and locals alike, especially with views like this from it:

Picture of a view from a coastal path towards a distillery

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