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Diluain, 28/Oct/2013

Updates on Gartbreck Islay distillery plans

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Well, something is happening in regards to the rumoured ninth Islay distillery. Back in September I wrote My questions about Gartbreck Islay distillery, looks like I've got some answers now. Not all, but at least some. I'm also still sceptical it will happen as claimed in the Islay to get ninth distillery post on the Whisky Advocate Blog, but the story is certainly more than a rumour. First a look at the place in question as it looked from across Loch Indaal last week:

Picture of a farmhouse with a number of ruined buildings around it

If everything goes to plan as the initiators of the project envisage the only building which will remain is the main house towards the left. All the other buildings will be demolished and in their place the new distillery will be built, including a kiln with a pagoda higher than the main house. At least that's how I read the planning application Demolition of existing outbuildings and erection of new distillery building submitted on 10/Oct/2013. A few things I learned from the application:

Now that's what I've learned from the planning application, the key word here is application. This doesn't mean permission yet, far from it. I don't know who will have a say in it, but my understanding is that quite a few people will need to be consulted. I'm guessing Islay Estates will be involved (if I'm not entirely mistaken they own the land around it including Grunnd Loch), but I have no idea what their views are.

Not to mention that we still don't know about the financing, who will actually run the distillery etc. I think this might develop into a quite long story. Or not if the planning application is refused. Time will tell.

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