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Diardaoin, 31/Oct/2013

Mixed Islay links (Halloween edition)

Islay Links in stencil

That's October essentially over, it's Halloween, the children are trick or treating (or better guising). While they leave me alone (living in a second floor flat can save you money, it's also pouring with rain in Aldermaston Wharf) I thought I share a few (in some shape or form) Islay related links with you, your treats for tonight. Here we go:

To start with I managed to find a Halloween related link for you: Islay Scottish Cross - Halloween Decorations and Decor. Well, it has some kind of Celtic design and very vaguely reminds of the Kildalton Cross (after you had a few too many wee drams).

Moving on to the serious real Islay links:

Some interesting news about the Machrie golf course: John Huggan: Restoring a masterpiece. As I don't play golf I understand only half of what they are saying, Ron Goudie will know much better.

A bit of Islay history I came across on Twitter recently: A Mobile Butcher's Shop for Islay reported in 1957.

I will also mention it in the Islay blogging roundup on Sunday, but in particular the birders among you might want to start following A Wild Goose Chase by Ed Burrell, started yesterday with And so we begin.. Ed will be conducting fieldwork on Greenland white-fronted geese while on Islay over the winter.

Must be the good Islay air and grass: Islay calves sell to £1,000.

Some news from Kilchoman distillery: New warehouse to support Islay distillery expansion (the picture to illustrate the article is from the ‘old’ one though).

Robin McElvie wrote about an Islay visit for TNT Magazine: An Island With Spirit, of course this is mainly about the whisky.

And finally there's an Islay Farmers team participating in Movember. As is a Laphroaig distillery team. If I hear of more I'll let you know.

Good night…

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