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Diciadain, 06/Nov/2013

Revisiting Tony Gilbert's Islay sea life pictures

Islay Pictures in stencil

Back in September I wrote about the pictures of the sea life in the Southern Hebrides, incl Islay and Jura by Tony J Gilbert. Since then Tony has added a number of new pictures and assuming I read the descriptions correctly they are from the waters off Ardbeg. All good enough reasons for me to take another look and share them with you, not to forget that I'm just fascinated by those pictures:

Screenshot of a gallery of underwater sea life pictures

Same as before the pictures can be found in Tony's Southern Hebrides - Jun 2013 gallery on his Flickr Photostream. I in particular like this fish (Short Spined Scorpion Fish?), this this Hermit Crab and this Anemone. But then again this (a Worm Peacock?) is also fascinating, as is this Squat Lobster.

I hope you like Tony's new pictures and agree it was worth revisiting them. Which are your favourites?

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