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Dihaoine, 06/Dec/2013

Friday Islay Picture #307 - Moon over Bowmore

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Sorry it's late again, fairly long day in the office followed by shopping for the weekend followed by needing something to eat. So a pizza with red wine it was. But now I've switched to a wee dram and dark chocolate. Which of course perfectly links to a Friday Islay picture. A full Moon over Loch Indaal I've picked:

Picture of the Moon over a sea loch, reflecting in the loch. The lights of a village in the distance

This is from the layby opposite the coal yard, looking over Loch Indaal towards Bowmore. The very bright full Moon overhead, illuminating Loch Indaal and the sky. The lights are of course Bowmore.

The Moon is unfortunately a bit blown out and far too bright, I still have to learn how to get that right. Exposing the Moon correctly while not underexposing the rest of the scene. One day I'll figure it out.

That's all for tonight, time to get some sleep, have a great weekend and good night! More tomorrow.

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