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Diluain, 16/Dec/2013

Homeland Islay history videos

Islay on Video written in stencil

Some time last week I came across an interesting account on YouTube called Homeland Argyll and Bute. On it you can see local people talking about local places and their history. As the name indicates it covers the whole of Argyll and Bute, which of course includes Islay. Before I go into some further background here are two examples of the videos (unfortunately some have wind noise, but I found the stories very interesting):

YouTube: Homeland Islay: Field of Blood

YouTube: Homeland Islay: Duniveig Castle

The videos are part of the Homeland Argyll and Bute project, developed in partnership with Archaeology Scotland. The Islay part covers the southern coast of Islay between the distilleries, for more details read Homeland Islay. For those with an Android phone I can recommend downloading the Homeland Argyll and Bute app, which allows you to download the trails for offline usage while in the area. First impressions are very good, I'll test it on location during my next visit to Islay (there's also an iPhone version, but I can't comment on that one. I assume it will be very similar).

I hope this project will be continued and expanded to other parts of Islay. Getting these snippets of information and history I find fascinating and makes walks in the area so much more interesting. To close another video, but by all means check out the channel, download the app and investigate further yourself.

YouTube: Homeland Islay: Duniveig Cannonball

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