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Diciadain, 28/Jan/2015

Nice Islay cycling tour video

Islay on Video written in stencil

With the days getting longer again now it's time to get out a bit more. That's what Paul Wilson and another biker did on Islay. They went on at least two (there might be more to come, I don't know) tours on Islay and filmed it with a helmet camera. Here's one taking in the old Radar Station above Machir Bay on a circular tour from Conisby:

YouTube: Islay Cycle To Radar Station

Some nice views over Machir Bay from up there, well worth the effort. Keeping in mind they also cycled out from and back to Conisby I guess they must have been out a good few hours. In any case, a nicely edited video, I hope you enjoyed it as well. I hope to show the video from a visit to the American Monument some other time.

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