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Diluain, 02/Feb/2015

Commuting on Jura

Jura Excursions written in stencil

Something a little bit different for those of you who like me are usually getting stuck in traffic on their daily commute. Philip lives and works on Islay's neighbour Jura and commutes from Inverlussa to the south of Jura. In October 2014 he recorded five videos from his journey:

YouTube: 05180001

YouTube: 05210002

YouTube: 05240003

YouTube: 05270004

YouTube: 05300005

Did you spot the Deer in part 3? Notice Loch Tarbert in part 4? Enjoy the morning sun in part 5? While he says his bike is well outside its comfort zone his journey still seems much more relaxed than mine on the A4 and M4. I hope you enjoyed the drive across Jura.

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