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Diardaoin, 26/Mar/2015

An Islay Pictures Photoblog milestone

Islay Pictures in stencil

Almost missed it, so I hadn't really prepared anything special for it. And by now the number is one higher anyway. But this morning I almost by chance noticed a nice milestone on my Islay Pictures photoblog after having relaunched it in December 2012:

Screenshot of an admin panel from a blog

Having had to ‘abandon’ the previous incarnation of the blog at over 1,300 pictures I'm quite please to now be back at 1,500 pictures. Of those approx 1,200 are ‘reposts’ (i.e. posted previously on the old blog and posted again on the new blog) and 300 are ‘new’ (i.e. not posted before) pictures. I hope to continue for a long time and take it to 2,000 and hopefully more over the coming years.

In addition to the pictures there are approaching 6,000 comments of various types, these include direct comments, likes and comments people left on Facebook, comments and +1s on Google+ as well as mentions on Twitter. It's very nice to get so much feedback, so thank you everyone for it!

Unfortunately there's also a frustrating part to it, in the same time I've also had to deal with over 5,000 spam comments. All the spammers are doing is wasting their and my time, as all comments have to be approved by me. Once someone had a direct comment approved by me their next comments should go through automatically, but obviously the spammers will never get past the first comment to start with.

But enough of that, I'll pour myself a wee dram of Islay single malt whisky tonight to celebrate. I hope you'll enjoy the 1,501st picture, which is a View of Soldier’s Rock, The Oa, Isle of Islay.

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