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Didòmhnaich, 29/Mar/2015

Islay Blogging Roundup #324

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

It's approaching two months now since the last Islay Blogging Roundup, so I thought I'll better have a go at another one. It probably won't be a very long and detailed one as I'm running a bit late after the changing of the clocks last night, but better than nothing. Here we go, a few interesting blog entries covering Islay:

Neil and friends from Northamptonshire visited Islay and covered their visit in a number of posts: The journey to Islay, Birds of Islay, Islay Birds Monday, Islay Birds Tuesday, Jura, Islay Birds Thursday and Back from Islay. Ade and Caroline from Cambridgeshire also visited mainly for birdwatching and wrote about it in Islay,22nd March, Islay,23rd March, Islay and Jura,24th March, Islay,25th March and Islay,26th March.

A bit of Islay whisky: Petja has two birthday presents, Laphroaig 200 Years and Ardbeg 200 Years. Brendan continued with his series on Islay started in January, so far added were Whisky Review #6: Laphroaig, The Islay Series – Distillery #6: Laphroaig, Diageo’S Ban On Photography: Not The Full Picture?, Whisky Review #5: Ardbeg, The Islay Series – Distillery #5: Ardbeg, Whisky Review #4: Bunnahabhain, The Islay Series – Distillery #4: Bunnahabhain, Whisky Review #3: Kilchoman, The Islay Series – Distillery #3: Kilchoman, Whisky Review #2: Lagavulin, The Islay Series – Distillery #2: Lagavulin and Whisky Review #1: Caol Ila. A German blog writes about a different way to serve whisky, Ardbeg Ceò – Der Nebel von Islay.

Joan Mitjavila returned to Islay and Jura and wrote about it in his blog (use Google Translate to read it): Visita a Islay: Port Ellen, Visita a Islay: Laphroaig i Lagavulin, Visita a Islay: Ardbeg i les runes de Kildalton, Visita a Islay: Bowmore i el centre de l'illa, Visita a Islay: Bruichladdich, Kilchoman i el Loch Gruinart, Visita a Islay: Runes de Finlaggan, Caol Ila i Bunnahabhain, Visita a Jura, and Tast dels maltes d'Islay i Jura. Klaus looks back in Scotland trip 2014 – part 3: Islay (including Caol Ila, Bowmore, Kilchoman).

The Alcdemics try to answer the question Islay, Scotland During the Feis Ile Festival: A Good Time to Visit? after a Distillery Visit: Bunnahabhain Single Malt Scotch Whisky on Islay.

Clive Booth writes about his exciting project in Documenting life on the Isle of Islay: Part One and Documenting life on the Isle of Islay: Part Two.

A family walking around Britain brings us The Coastal Path in Scotland – Machir Bay, The Coastal Path in Scotland – Harvest Moon and The Coastal Path in Scotland – Jura. Ailish has Five Go on an Island Adventure.

The IECBS News Blogs has three updates, Finally Up and Running, Its up again and First Generation. The Dower House crew brings us From The Dower House Window, Befores, Afters and Inbetweens. Annual Update-Part 2 and Way Too Long, Annual Update - Part 1. On the Our Learning Blog we can read about Bronagh’s Trip to Westminster, Country Dancing and The Last Week of Swimming. Justin exclaimed Crikey – it’s almost spring! a while ago. Ron writes about Aurora Borealis over Islay tonight, announces The new Islay Image Gallery is Ready and reports the Iconic Bruichladdich Still on its way to Ireland.

Some more Islay wildlife and birdwatching, Gordon Yates reports from his latest visit in Islay Whiteout and Goose Feast. John Armitage writes about Gordon and Pauline in Islay visitors come of age!. Struggling to pick a specific entry from the Islay Birds blog as there are so many, I'd say just go over an discover.

To close again few pictures: Amy has a Sunset at Saligo, Island of Islay, Scotland. A different type of picture from Carolyn, a Linocut of Portnahaven on Islay. Klaus brings us Whisky in pictures: Bruichladdich still maintenance. James Collett has some great pictures as usual, including Jura Deer, Jura From Ronachan, Port Charlotte Pier and View From Claddach, Islay. Mark Unsworth writes about Photographing Daffodils. And of course there were plenty pictures posted on my own Islay Pictures photoblog.

That's it for today, I hope you found something interesting.

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