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Diciadain, 01/Apr/2015

Islay April Fools 2015

Islay Links in stencil

Today being the 1st of April of course there were quite a few April Fools jokes around. On this blog the tradition started with Islay's indepence declaration back in 2007 continued with this year's luxury hotel high above Machir Bay. But this wasn't the only April Fools with an Islay link:

My favourite came from The Whisky Exchange crew with No More Peaty Whisky From Islay. A very well prepared effort with impressive graphics and a special Laphroaig.

In a similar vein Thomas from Germany wrote EU verbannt Phenole aus dem schottischen Whisky! (EU to ban phenols from Scottish whisky), although he didn't have any fancy graphics.

Not directly Islay related (although of course Islay is home to an RNLI station), but I also quite enjoyed the Navigator’s Intrinsic Technology Wave Interface Terminal on their Facebook page.

And those are the ones I'm aware of for this year, if I missed anything and you know any further Islay related April Fools please leave a link in the comments. Let's see if I can come up with another one next year…

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