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Diluain, 04/May/2015

Islay Blogging Roundup #325

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

After over a month since the Islay Blogging Roundup #324 and with the walkislay 2015 report finally out of the way I thought I should have a go at another Islay blogging roundup. There should be enough interesting writing out there…

Going back over a month probably one of the best April fools for a while: No More Peated Whisky from Islay. Next not an April fools but one of the more unusual entries: Jan ter Harmsel, a Dutch football referee writes about Refereeing in Scotland: my international debut. You guessed right, his international debut took place on Islay.

A few Islay whisky related posts: The Whisky Wash explains Here’s How You Can Have Your Own Tiny Plot Of Islay (Hint: It Involves Whisky). The Alkoblog from Germany has a variety of Islay whisky related posts: Die Größte auf Islay: Caol Ila Destillerie & Whisky-Tasting, Wellenbrecher: Bruichladdich Waves im Test, “I want to claim my plot!” – Landbesitzer bei Laphroaig, Hart im Nehmen: Laphroaig 10 Cask Strength im Test and Nachwuchs auf Islay: Kilchoman-Destillerie im Portrait as well as Die Islay-Rockstars: Exklusive Einblicke bei Bruichladdich. Brendan is approaching the end of his Islay series with The Islay Series – Distillery #7: Bowmore and Whisky Review #7: Bowmore. The Minty is Falling in Love with Islay: Bruichladdich Whisky. If you like to bake with whisky and speak French you can try Gâteau Nantais… un peu écossais. Gordon Homer brings us The Sound of Islay……. A Caolilathon!. The Bruichladdich news blog reports Distilling Legend Jim McEwan To Retire In July and writes about Whisky Island - A Tribute To Bob Simon.

A few Islay visitors: Clementine writes Travel: Islay - Scotland's Whisky Isle. Angie cycled around Islay and writes about it in Whisky whiffs on Islay, A funny ole night at the Port Charlotte Hotel and Out and about around Islay without my big bags…. Locomotion Scotland reviews Scottish Routes Islay tour in A visit to whisky HQ, the Isle of Islay. Susanne was also on a 4 Day Islay Whisky Tour with Scottish Routes?, she also has a Review - The Bowmore House B&B, Islay.

Ron has a rant Where is the Plan B Calmac? and writes about the Islay Motor Club Drive it Day. And while Ron's rant didn't really go viral this one about the same topic certainly did: An open letter to Caledonian MacBrayne. In Devils on horseback Justin Tyers announces that they will be leaving Islay. The Our Learning Blog of Port Ellen primary brings us entries about the Day of Dance, The Junior Saltire Awards, visiting the Gaelic College and the Finance Week!!!!!!!!!! Also according to the Dower House crew Everything is perfect! after announcing Spring is here!

A bit of birdwatching and wildlife: Gordon Yates reports of an April Corncrake. On the Islay Birds blog James writes about an invasion of Whitethroats before handing over to the next holiday cover for Ian and Margaret. Earlier in April there was a Great White Egret. On the RSPB Islay blog we find Doe, a deer, some last Winter birds and finally some Spring arrivals on The Oa.

To close of course a few pictures: Mark Unsworth has a great shot of Gordon Muir, a view of the Port Ellen Maltings and a view of Kilnaughton Bay. Ron announces his Islay Photo Blog Updates. Konrad Borkowski announced the Jura: The Deer Island – Limited Edition Album and the Islay Whisky Distilleries – Limited Edition Photographic Album. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I've picked Beach reflections in Machir Bay, Beautiful April sunrise at Kilchoman, Port Ellen from Kilnaughton beach and International Space Station (ISS) passing over Kilchoman, Isle of Islay.

I think I'll leave it at that, I hope you've found something interesting to read in this selection.

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