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Diardaoin, 14/May/2015

Islay High School: Fichead Bliadhna

Islay on Video written in stencil

OK, I admit I don't understand a word. But I think at least some of my readers will, so it's worth sharing. Not to forget that I've shared previous entries as well. Entries? Yes, because this was Islay High School's entry for FilmG the Gaelic short film competition 2015:

YouTube: Fichead Bliadhna

This year's theme was ‘Gealladh’ which means ‘promise’, ‘vow’ or ‘wager’. They tackled it as follows:

The pupils in Islay have big plans for the future and make a pact to meet again in 20 years, will everything have gone to plan?

Or more fittingly in Gaelic:

Tha planaichean mòra aig a’ chlas dhaibh fhèin san fhichead bliadhna a tha ri thighinn – saoil an tèid dhaibh a tha iad an dùil?

As I unfortunately can't understand what they are saying I have to resort to guessing: Did one of them become a Hollywood actress in LA? And another went into fishing (or some other seafaring profession)?

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