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Disathairne, 01/Aug/2015

Bit of a clean up on

Islay News in stencil

Not much real blogging tonight I'm afraid, having been busy with a bit of cleaning up this afternoon. Cleaning (or tidying) up this blog to be precise. Over the years a few things had accumulated which I've now decided to get rid of, hopefully improving the blog by doing it.

Picture of various rubbish on a pebble beach

To reduce the clutter I've removed a few things: To start with the advertising (for those who were still seeing it and not using an adblocker) had to go. It didn't bring in much any more, so I decided to get rid of it for new posts (Don't have the time to remove it from old ones for now). Next were the Twitter and Google+ sharing buttons. Kind of ugly and there are other ways to share a link.

Then I've cleaned up the Islay Blog Links and removed a lot of inactive blogs. I might have to add a few new blogs, if you have an active Islay related blog feel free to let me know and I'll add it. The list of Islay related Twitter accounts had to go as well as it was too hopelessly outdated. To finish it off I've finally updated the Islay Countdowns again, they should hopefully be more accurate now.

I hope you'll like these changes, they should make the blog load faster and have fewer distracting elements.

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