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Didòmhnaich, 09/Aug/2015

Some quick Islay links on Sunday evening

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That's a busy but nice weekend coming to an end. Yesterday morning I went trainspotting and filmed a steam train passing through the village where I live. After a trip into town for some errands I found the beautiful video of the Paraglider flight over Islay. Today I went on a nice sunny Sunday walk and had a beautiful Buzzard flying quite low over me (make sure to click on the pictures to see them in full size and quality). As the walk turned out to be longer (with the nice weather) than planned the Islay Blogging Roundup isn't returning again for at least yet another week, instead just a few Islay related links:

In the Scottish Review George Robertson writes about Alexander McDougall from Port Ellen who had an interesting career in America.

If you're interested in buying a forest on Islay and have at least £975,000 to spend you might want to look at Ballimony Forest.

Scottish Housing News writes about the 20 new homes in Bowmore.

German newspaper Die Welt reports about the Landrover gathering on Islay with a selection of pictures from the event. Similarly Auto Express has a report with a video from the event and some background about the Land Rover.

And to close a very nice blog entry: Kate and Tom got married on Islay. Congratulations to them from me as well (we haven't met yet, but I've been reading about their Islay visits on Kate's blog for many years now).

That's all folks. Good night.

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