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Disathairne, 10/Oct/2015

New Islay video: Choughs at Ardnave

Islay on Video written in stencil

Haven't blogged here for a while for a variety of reasons, so you'll get two things tonight: A (short) new Islay video and a blog entry here. Having just installed an upgrade to my video editing software I decided to get some practice with some older (but timeless) footage of one of the birds Islay is well known for, the Chough:

YouTube: Red-Billed Choughs feeding at Ardnave, Isle of Islay

Ardnave is an excellent spot to see Choughs on Islay, so I headed there a few years back to see if I could capture some of them on video. As you will have seen there were quite a few around, busy feeding in the dunes. For some reason forgot about the footage, but found it again recently. Thought it was worth sharing, I hope you've enjoyed watching the Choughs.

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