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Disathairne, 17/Oct/2015

Making Jura even more photogenic?

Jura Excursions written in stencil

Last night I promised I would take you to Islay's neighbour Jura for tonight's blog entry. Of course there's a reason for that. Yesterday I spotted a tweet by @hydroPD linking to a news release about moving power distribution lines in designated beauty spots underground. While Islay unfortunately isn't covered Jura certainly is.

Finding a picture to illustrate this entry turned out to be more tricky than I had expected, I know there are areas on Jura where cables go through nice areas. But of course I didn't take pictures of them, instead I either didn't take the picture or made an effort to go around them e.g. by walking to get past them. The ‘worst’ I could find was this:

Picture of a power cable hanging into a picture of a nice small woodland

Anyway, if you can think of an area on Jura where you think it would look much nicer if the power cable was moved underground then head to the nomination page on SHEPD's website armed with reasons and a photograph of the area with the power lines. Not every nomination will be selected, but if there are several good ones I should think it will increase the chances of at least one or two to be moved underground. It's worth a try, give it a go.

Opening up the discussion. Have your say:


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