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Diardaoin, 03/Dec/2015

Enjoying Lagavulin Islay single malt at the fireplace

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This is probably one of the best Islay whisky videos ever. And I must admit for me from a slightly unexpected source, Lagavulin, not a distillery I've really associated with unusual, ‘quirky’ so far. Some of you might remember the No, that's not a Lagavulin spot from last year. Now Nick Offerman has gone one further. Watch him sitting at a fireplace sipping Lagavulin for 45 minutes. Yes, you read that right, fortyfive minutes. Pour a dram and join him here:

YouTube: Nick Offerman's 'Yule Log'

No talking. No music. No rapid cuts. No panning. No zooming. Just Nick Offerman sitting at the fireplace sipping his whisky. Strangely fascinating and relaxing.

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