—> 2016 —> Windy day in Portnahaven, Islay

Diardaoin, 04/Feb/2016

Windy day in Portnahaven, Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

Well, that didn't entirely go to plan. After the late start to blogging here this year I had just about started to get into a rhythm. But then early last week it got rather busy with other things. And to insult to injury (pun intended) I hurt my back on Friday, which very much limited the time I was able to sit and therefore blog. I've mostly recovered now, so hopefully I can blog more regularly again. Let's start with a short rather windy video from Islay:

YouTube: Vent et vagues Islay

I believe this was either Gertrude or Helmut, one of the now named storms which hit Scotland and with it of course Islay this winter.

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