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Dihaoine, 22/Apr/2016

Friday Islay Picture #384 - Waves at Sunset

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Almost a week that I'm back from my first Islay visit for 2016, time to get blogging here again. I'll write a more detailed report about the Islay walking week over the weekend, for today there will be just a new Friday Islay picture, taken one evening during my recent visit. It's a sunset viewed from Saligo Bay in April, during high tide and a fierce cold north easterly wind:

Picture of a sunset behind breaking waves

Despite it being very cold in the icy wind the view was beautiful, the clouds on the horizon kept changing colours and shapes while beautifully shaped ‘surfer waves’ kept rolling in from the Atlantic.

That's all I have for tonight. Time to enjoy a few birthday drams (yes, it's my birthday today, as usual I tried to keep it fairly quiet, but as usual it sneaked out anyway) from Bruichladdich and Laphroaig while listening to some of my favourite music. I'll post a larger version of the sunset (larger as in twice as big) on the Islay Pictures photoblog on Saturday morning. Good night.

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