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Diciadain, 25/May/2016

Islay Pipe Band at the British Championships 2016

Islay Music in stencil

Quite a few people are blogging about the Islay Festival at the moment (for obvious reasons), so I'm going to blog about something different (although I'm posting pictures of Islay distilleries on the photo blog this week). The Islay Pipe Band competed at the British Championships 2016 in Paisley last weekend, here's a video of their performance:


After their many successes last year the band was promoted (not sure if that's the right term? I think the official term is upgraded, but I prefer promoted) from Grade 3A to Grade 2 for the 2016 season. Of course the standards in the higher grade are much more challenging and they have to compete against bands who have played in Grade 2 for many years. They achieved a very respectable 14th place, including some good results in the individual components. I'm confident with some experience they will soon break into the top 10 and better.

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